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Sophie Bell

I have recently had the greatest experience with Watts Coaching, I had been struggling through University and trying to find a job, but Steve helped me massively to get the grade I was after and find me an Internship to help me along the line. I believe he is very good at what he does, and any problems you may have he has the answer to all! 




Teacher NE England

I have known Steve for 20 years.  He was my mentor when I started my training as a teacher and because of his calm, patient and professional approach to mentoring I not only completed my training successfully, but also obtained my first appointment before I had completed the course.

Steve’s inspirational approach to professional development led me to train as a mentor myself. I attended his training sessions and he has acted as my mentoring supervisor ever since helping me not only to develop my skills, but also secure a promotion as Head of Department and complete a Masters’ degree.

Steve has been instrumental in my continuing professional development through convening mentoring ‘master’ workshops and training, where we have looked at recent developments in mentoring, such as flash mentoring.  The evaluations of these experiences are included in his 2019 book The SENCO Handbook.

Steve has a vast amount of experience mentoring and coaching young people and adults both within the education sector, as well as outside.  He is professional in the way he works with people, inspiring in his approach, supportive, reflective, patient and has just the right approach to always bring out the very best in people, an ability to inspire people to reach their goals. If you feel you're in need of some mentoring or coaching then I would encourage to contact Steve.




Rubin Blue Hergraves

The Door You Opened

The cold wind, did blow through,

As I stood, waiting for my life to begin.

It's 7:45 am, early as always I am,

But mind is filled with words, Stanzas and creative hope,

But I canna still not get in.

The rain is soft,

But the sea wind blows through me,

As I form an idea for a novel,


Flash Fiction,

And even a play, When you appeared with that happy smile.

'Do you want to get in?'

And with a flash of the card,

The doors opened and my creative mind too

I could have run away or given up

That day, filled with self-doubt,

And others voices putting me down.

I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown,

Filled with doubt,

But you, the Youngers too, Got me to break out.

Now filled with words, And sentences unheard yet,

I want to say thankyou,

Thank you so much,

For opening that door,

And letting my words paint across,

The Sunderland Skyine,

Forever and for once more.



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