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Coming out of a pandemic ...

'This morning I was thinking about what you said Steve yesterday about going on a journey and being ready for when we come out of lockdown. It made me think I must get my life organised ... If it wasn't for this journaling course I would never have even thought about it!'

Sunderland Recovery College student (Summer 2021)

The COVID-19 pandemic is still very much with us, but the vaccination programme has provided a level of protection which has allowed us to return to face to face meetings. Since March 2019 Watts Coaching and Consulting has continued delivering its courses and consultation sessions on-line, including courses on journaling for Sunderland Recovery College.

The College is now ready to return to face to face sessions for its students and this follow-on journaling course will start later this month. The course is only open to College students, but if you would like me to run the course, either on-line or face to face, for your organisation just get in touch. Journaling is a very powerful tool to support both physical and mental health, as previous students have found, especially during periods of isolation due to being locked down, self-isolation or shielding. As one student commented during the pandemic 'my journal is like having my best friend by my side 24/7.'

Want to find out more about how I can support your organisation's journey through the Pandemic please get in touch.

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