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Make 2020 your year with Watts Coaching ...

Do you want to make 2020 your year? Do you have a New Year's resolution or a goal you want to achieve this year? Do you need some help getting started or perhaps you've already started but have hit an obstacle that you need help to overcome? If that's the case then Watts Coaching has just the affordable help you need because anybody signing up in January for a minimum of four coaching sessions during 2020 will get them at half price.

A new day, a new year, a new you

We are only two weeks into the new year and research shows that around 80% of people will have already given up on their resolutions by the 12th January. Indeed, around only 8% of people ever achieve their new year's goals*. Watts Coaching is committed to increasing that statistic and helping people succeed with their ambitions. Why not contact us for a free no-obligation initial consultation to discuss how we can help.

In a recent blog post for Harvard Health, Campos explained that answering five specific questions can help you succeed with your resolutions:

1. Why do you want to make the change?

2. Is your goal concrete and measurable?

3. What is your plan?

4. Who can support you as you work toward change?

5. How will you celebrate your victories?

If you need help, as question 4 advises, then let Watts Coaching help you. Working towards goals with somebody else helps increase the chances of succeeding considerably.

Why not get in touch now by email, text or phone and see what we can do to support you this January with a 50% discount meaning each coaching session of around an hour will cost £25 instead of £50 if paid for in advance. The first consultation lasts up to 30 minutes and is free and without any obligation to proceed to the four coaching sessions.

Act now and contact me!

Telephone - 07702728131

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