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My Greek open-air office ...

What better place than a Greek island to open your first office and start your business ...

My office with balcony, Skala, Kefalonia

… and so it was that in the summer of 2019 I commandeered a balcony and began trading with my laptop and the obligatory cup of coffee ...

… and from such modest beginnings, with the support of my family and friends, my company is now registered, has a website, a presence across virtually all social media platforms, with clients, lots of opportunities to explore and an office ... which also has a balcony, albeit smaller and without the view across the Ionian Sea!

My office with balcony, St Peter's Gate, Sunderland

As a business grows, however, it is important to give back to the local community from which it originates and as Chair of the Trustees of Jarrow School I was invited to their Remembrance school assembly. With a steel band, two sisters singing solos, pupils reading, the British Legion, the touching testimony of a former serviceman turned teacher and the guiding words and images of Jill Gillies, the Headteacher, we reflected on the meaning of sacrifice and the importance of Remembrance.

Jarrow School

The assembly ended with the last Post, a minute's silence, then Reveille - the entire experience was so poignant and moved me to reflect on the sacrifice that had been made by generations of young people so that this generation of youngsters could be free to fulfil their enormous potential. Thanks to the Headteacher, teachers, support staff and parents all students at Jarrow School are given the education, support and encouragement they need to help them achieve their goals. It was clear during the assembly that the students definitely have the talent, as well as the opportunity to express it, grow and develop and realise their goals, dreams and ambitions. With Jarrow School, its staff, pupils and parents sharing so much hope for the future the scarifice of previous generations was not in vain.

You can find out more about Jarrow School at

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